It started with
a dream

This is the story of an ordinary guy who dreamed
big enough to accomplish the extraordinary...

Jerry Brassfield
Founder, Chairman
  • Jerry was born on April 9, 1940 in Porterville, California. His parents were the typical hard-working farmers found in California’s food-growing communities. They were a lower-middle class family, and no stranger to financial hardships. Jerry recalls repairing his jeans by hand with patches, not able to afford a new pair, and thinking to himself that he was not going to accept a future of poverty...


    When he was a boy, Jerry Brassfield suffered from severe allergic asthma. Determined to find a cure for her sick son, Jerry's mom began adding quality nutritional supplements to his daily diet. This is how Jerry discovered the profound impact that nutritional supplements could have in ensuring good health.


    Moved by his willingness to help others, Jerry began sharing his extraordinary testimony with all the people he came in contact with, soon realizing that many of them were just looking for a solution to their food shortages.

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  • Sharing products and working with others in defining and achieving goals for health and financial well-being became an economically viable business for him to do on his own.


    Jerry started his own Direct Selling company founded on values which ensure product quality, unlimited income potential, and long-term stability for Distributors and future generations.


    Along the way he acquired the NeoLife brand and merget it with his other companies, creating an international industry-leading gem. The NeoLife name has become the company name because its roots mean ‘new life’, something available to anyone desiring to join the NeoLife family.

  • His faith in the product and his desire to change the lives of the people around him for the better, are the elements that have enabled Jerry to transform his small direct selling business into a globally active company with a turnover of many million euros.


    Jerry’s dream is now to see people around the world, people like you, reach your dreams and believe that if he could have success as a farm boy with no advanced degrees or fancy upbringing, then so can you!


    Thanks to his vision and to the essential concept of innovative products of the highest quality. the history of NeoLife, in all these years, has been characterized by the constant introduction of cutting-edge products.


    Here are just some of the fundamental stages that have marked our long history.

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