Kendra Brassfield

Chief Executive Officer

Kendra joined NeoLife in 2011 as Market Research Strategist where she focused on understanding the industry and competitors. During this time she also built a NeoLife Distributor business, achieving Sapphire Director in just 9 months while simultaneously fulfilling her role as a full-time employee and company speaker. In 2013, Kendra earned the title of number one World Team Member in North America. This foundation of industry understanding and Distributor know-how gave her the insight to bring forward the recommendation to rebrand the company from GNLD to NeoLife.

Since 2012, Kendra has been responsible for leading the company’s international marketing and brand image, overseeing a highly capable creative team. As the Chief Marketing Officer of NeoLife, Kendra has been successfully executing her vision to re-position the company for another 60+ years of success, creating a brand culture that evokes a strong sense of pride among customers and Distributors around the world.

In 2016, Kendra became the Chief Executive Officer of NeoLife. She has dedicated her life to being a good steward of the company, leading with a deep sense of responsibility and thankfulness for the opportunity to serve such a unique organisation and family.

Kendra has served on the Board of Directors since December 2015. She has a B.S.E. in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from Saint Mary’s College of California. Kendra is a Milken Global Institute Associate.

Kendra enjoys living the #NeoLifestyle through her love of the outdoors, often going for early morning surf sessions. She never hits the water without first having a NeoLifeBar. She is also an avid runner and enjoys participating in local half marathons. Kendra is a Certified Personal Trainer and uses that expertise as a resource for the NeoLife family, teaching simple and practical healthy disciplines.

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