Organic Skin Care

NUTRIANCE ORGANIC is a certified scientifically-formulated marine botanical based organic skin care line. The Age-Defying Cell Activating System harnesses the synergistic properties of Nutriance Organic, in 3 simple steps to diminish signs of premature aging.

Marine botanicals are sourced from a protected biosphere, the Molène Archipelago in Brittany, France, renowned for its exceptional wealth of seaweeds, seewaters, mineral salts and trace elements. The skin protective and nutritive virtues of the unique marine ingredients are complemented by a wide range of other botanical ingredients from nature. It is formulated in collaboration with leading skin care experts, marine biologists, and prestigious research and dermatology centers based in France.

10 Fresh Marine Seaweed extracts
Pure ans Patented Seawater
15 Essential Oils
10 Botanical Waters & Botanical Extracts
Barrier Reinforcing Peptides
Essential fatty acids
Protective antioxidants including carotenoids and polyphenols

The ingredients and manufacturing methods used, with the strict quality standards and strict environmental standards employed, enable Nutriance skin care line of products to be certified to the high standards of COSMOS ORGANIC certification through the ECOCERT GREENLIFE certifying body. In addition, to being ecological and natural, Nutriance organic skin care products are clinically tested, 100% vegan, pH balanced and non-comedogenic.



Organic Skin Care