Personal Care

We feel our best when our skin is soft, smooth and glowing. The skin can be nourished from the inside and the outside. Maintaining and strengtheneing the skin´s barrier function is key for healthy, youthful-looking skin. An effective skin care routine should reinforce the barrier function through an approach that emphasizes biocompatibility, pH balance and nutritive properties for active skin cell renewal.

Nutriance Organics is a scientifically formulated marine botanical based organic skin care line. The marine botaniclas are complemented by other selected botanical extracts, waters and oils known for their gentle, protective and nourishing properties.

The Age-Defying Cell Activating System harnesses the synergistic properties of Nutriance Organic, in 3 simple steps to diminish signs of premature aging and designed to match your skin type with specific formulas.

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In the Nutriance range you will also find nourishing and wonderful hair and body care products!

Personal Care