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UpBeet is the ideal pre-workout supplement by providing 60 mg of dietary nitrates per serving, from a blend of fruit and vegetables.

UpBeet provides a mix of beetroot, kale, pomegranate, and orange all known to support the body during physical activity and overall wellness.

Vegan and Gluten Free

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Designed to work.
- The combination of beets and kale provides phytonutrients and an abundance of dietary nitrates to support endurance and stamina.
- Pomegranates and oranges, a good source of polymethoxyflavones, for endurance and recovery after workout.

Designed for absorption.
The drink mix boosts bioavailability by starting the absorption process already in the mouth then continuing in the stomach with the saliva. This way absorption is more effective compared to taking dietary nitrates in a pill form.

Convenient single-serve packaging.
Each box contains 30 on-the-go sticks pre-measured with one serving of powder that dissolves quickly in water, making them a convenient fit for your active lifestyle. Pop them in a gym bag, take them on the trail or on the road.

Delicious Natural Berry flavour. Provides the benefits of beets in a natural berry flavour.

Eat up

Turns out the popular phrase, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ isn’t a myth after all. So eat up, your day depends on it!


Engage in physical activities that you enjoy doing. It gives you energy, makes you stronger in body and mind and sets you off to meet life at your best every day!