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Take a deep breath every day of the year!

Herbal extracts have been used since ancient times to support human wellbeing. We selected herbs from many global traditions, bringing together the best knowledge from around the world. NeoLife Resp-X contains horseradish root, thyme, fenugreek seed, cayenne fruit, hyssop, slippery elm and yerba santa. It contains bee pollen and alfalfa to provide phytonutrients, and molasses rich in phytominerals.

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- The comprehensive formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients with a long history of safe use.

- We took a unique ‘complete-family’-approach to our formula, which includes a wide range of herbal constituents.

- Guaranteed purity, potency, and consistency.

- It contains no animal products.


Developed by the world’s foremost herbalists under the guidance of the NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board using ingredients harvested from ancient fields, undisturbed by modern ploughing and farming techniques. Microbial contamination is eliminated, and purity ensured without the use of toxic gases, gamma radiation and preservatives. We’ve combined modern science with 6,000 years of herbal tradition from around the world.

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