Super 10, All purpose cleaning agent, 1 litre

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Super 10 is your everyday cleaning agent. Effective on every job from the kitchen to the garage. Easy to use; Spray and wipe off. Concentrated.

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Industrial strength that's harmless to any surface where it's safe to use water.

Concentrated: A little goes a long way.

Triple action formula with soaps, solvents and surfactants to wipe away dirt and grime.

Industrial strength, yet safe for you and your home.

Example of areas of usage:
Kitchen: appliances, woodwork, chrome, enameled surfaces, stovetops, grills, fume hoods, and as a presoak for pots and pans.

Bathrooms: fixtures, floors, alls, tile.

Laundry: spot-remover for ink, crayon, lipstick and ground in dirt and grime. 

Living/Family room: spot-cleans rugs, windows, great for dusting.

Garages: Vehicle engine cleaner, cleans up grease and olispots, tools, garage floors. Vinyl, artificial leather.

Outdoor: Barbecue grills, driveways, patio furniture.

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