Success Stories

  • Eija Eerola,

    NeoLife President’s Team


    “A life-changing activity! Two young children and big mortgage payments motivated me to start as a NeoLife Distributor in 1993. I started part-time while working as a violin teacher and orchestra musician and my goal was to earn some extra income for my family. But little by little everything started to change.

    I find it extremely motivating to get to know new people and help them to find solutions for very different needs and situations in life. I especially appreciate the wellness we have been able to support with NeoLife products through all these years, the people I have had the opportunity to meet and all the unforgettable trips and experiences.


    When my NeoLife business turned into full-time work for me, music became a cherished hobby. Today I have team members in more than 20 countries. The strong financial position I have attained has enabled a whole different kind of freedom that I could never have achieved in a traditional job.
    NeoLife has a strong value base, and the business is quite simple at the end of the day. It is fun and anyone can learn it. You can start with a very small investment and still have limitless opportunities to grow and develop both financially and as a person.


    The most rewarding thing is to help and see new people and families succeed and experience all the same achievements.”


  • eerola
  • Vitalija and Algirdas Pranckaičiai,

    NeoLife President’s Team


    “A Business opportunity without risk and without big investment – it was just what we needed when our previous business went bankrupt, and we needed a non-operating revenue stream to pay off our debts. We were fascinated by the philosophy of this business — help yourself by helping others. At first, we were only looking for a solution for ourselves, without even imagining that we would be able to help hundreds of people we met, who were facing wellness or financial challenges. There is no better business than addressing people’s needs. And NeoLife products are just the ones that solve problems and help bring joy and peace back to families. We experienced this ourselves, so we were able to talk confidently about the benefits of these products to other people.

    It’s a business where we learn a lot about good communication skills. It’s a business that helps to balance all areas of life, allows you to work with your partner, work from home, and spend more time with your family. We have never had such a large circle of friends with similar values before. We are blessed to make a positive difference to other people’s lives and want to be in this business for the rest of our lives.”  

  • prankaiciai
  • Valerija and Raimondas Kriaučiūnai,

    NeoLife President’s Team


    “Before joining NeoLife, we both had dreams we couldn’t fulfil. We started to realise that something in our life was not going well, because no matter how hard we tried, we could not get any closer to our dreams. Being a career woman, I imagined that by studying a lot and moving up the career ladder, I would have more money and be able to achieve my goals. However, this was not proving to be the case.


    My general wellness was getting worse, and I needed products to strengthen my body. After a long search, I became acquainted with NeoLife, and the effects of the nutrients surprised me! Later we tried other NeoLife products that impressed us with their quality! I was fascinated by the company’s mission and philosophy, and people’s stories inspired us. I enjoyed the simplicity of the business, the fact that the products replace other household products but with the opportunity to buy the highest quality, safe and effective products! I was inspired by the company's values and the opportunity to really help improve people's well-being and respond to financial challenges.


    With NeoLife, we can not only make our dreams come true but help others do the same!

    Today my husband and I are fully committed to the NeoLife business. We’ve discovered the most perfect career of a lifetime! This career allows everyone to reveal their potential! 

    We have seen that the NeoLife business plan is able to provide financial security and stability. For example, when the bank I worked for went bankrupt and my husband was made redundant, we were left with only NeoLife income. Then we became even more convinced of the uniqueness and honesty of this plan!”

  • kriauciunai
  • Ene and Raivo Berg,

    NeoLife President’s Team


    “Our last 26 years have passed like a high-quality and exciting action film.
    At first, having an opportunity that allowed us to take care of our wellness and wallet at the same time, to have a healthier life and a better standard of living at the same time seemed unbelievable.


    The reasons why we have our NeoLife business have changed over the years – but the main reason has always remained the same: to live a better life! Our wellness has improved, we have had an active middle age, we have the best of friends, been on unforgettable journeys and, above all, have used effective products that all support one thing – the opportunity to enjoy life to the full.


    At first, when we were told that after a while we would start earning passive income, travel to far-away countries and meet a lot of wonderful people, it felt as though we had stumbled upon a science fiction screenplay.

    But everything our sponsors had promised started to come true – our first goal was to earn 250 Estonian kroons, and that happened in the second month. In the space of five months, we became Directors and had already earned 10,000 kroons. It took us one year to improve our general well-being, and we were earning more than the President of the Republic of Estonia at that time.


    We have always applied one simple rule - "talk to people"! It works in every field of life and has taken us to where we are today. Thanks to NeoLife’s products we live an active life and inspire and motivate others.”

  • berg
  • Daiva and Valdutis Simučiai,

    NeoLife President’s Team


    “By joining NeoLife, we wanted to improve the wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones. We started using the products and the results have exceeded our expectations. For 17 years we have been feeling more energetic than ever.


    We started to share our good experiences with those around us, and people began to notice the change in us. We used the products for a year and really enjoyed the events and seminars as well. It was interesting to communicate with like-minded people and create a future together with NeoLife.


    Our main desire is to present this opportunity to as many people as possible, which includes better wellness, the chance to travel with like-minded people, and an opportunity to plan one’s time and be a part of a great team.


    We now live the life we ​​dreamed about because we created it for ourselves. We believe that just by helping others to achieve their dreams, we are making our dreams come true. Our past experience has enriched our lives and now we are able to plan our time. We have many sincere friends and engage in activities that bring us joy. We are able to earn an income that allows us to live a full life.” 

  • simuciai
  • Aivaras and Asta Laukaičiai,

    NeoLife President‘s Team


    “For 10 years, we had just been happy consumers of NeoLife products. But one day Asta thought, “why have we been buying these products for so long? Why do we like them? Maybe other people will like them?”, and she started sharing our experience with others, devoting a few hours a week to this activity.


    I supported her, even though I was busy with my own printing house business. Three months later, when Asta was earning as much from this business as some employees at the printing house earned per month, I was intrigued. I took a look and realised that this is a serious business without major investments and risks. The result is lasting, and the growth potential is limitless. We started building it together.

    Another 10 years have passed, and our lives have changed beyond recognition. What seemed impossible has now become reality – we always have time! The stress is gone. Our wellness is better than before. We don’t have to stay in one place – we can travel. We are like-minded, we are always together and very excited about it! Being able to witness the changing lives of other people, we feel the meaning of our business, and it brings us great joy.


    If we had to describe in one word what “we’ve found in NeoLife”, we’d say - FREEDOM!"

  • laukaiciai
  • Chris and Barbara Cowley,

    NeoLife World Team


    “Our interest in wellness and proper nutrition started in 1986 with the birth of our eldest daughter, when we were told that she had severe sinus problems. Initially, when we started our NeoLife Business in 1992, we only wanted to use the products to try and help her. We are so thankful that God brought these products into our lives.


    Changing to the non-toxic biodegradable Golden Home Care products not only helps the environment, there was a huge improvement in her general well-being too within a month. She also started using the NeoLife food supplements with great results. That experience was so impressive that our whole family started using NeoLife products.


    As people heard about this, they got involved so as to improve their lives. They have seen the results and the money we are making from reselling to family, friends and acquaintances. Our search became a passion to help others get through their personal challenges. The money, travel, well-being and friendships are wonderful added benefits.”

  • cowley
  • Kauko and Paula Hakala

    NeoLife President’s Team


    “NeoLife came to us as a surprise. A young man called Ari Heimonen came to see us and gave us our first information. When we started, we had only the Home Care product range, but just a year later, the nutritional supplements were introduced to the Finnish market. We have been especially interested in and happy with the quality and performance of the NeoLife Nutritional product range. My wife is a former nurse, and she always says that it is better to take care of your wellness today than try to cure a serious condition later. NeoLife nutritional supplements provide an opportunity to do just that. This summer we have been in the business for 30 years! A big thank you to NeoLife, and especially to our organisation for making it possible!”

  • hakala
  • Linda and Jan Hall,

    NeoLife World Team


    “I previously worked as a nurse and my husband Jan as a taxi driver, both as an employee and self-employed.

    We started our NeoLife business to gain an extra income. At the same time, I thought it was exciting to be able to do something completely different and have the opportunity to build something of my own and work for myself, without having to invest a large amount of money or take any risks. At that time, we had small children and it felt important to be able to be with them as much as possible. After just two years, I was earning more from my extra work than as a nurse. Then I resigned from my job. Starting our own NeoLife business is the best thing we have ever done!


    Over the years, we have received incredible support from the company. Working with other people and our sponsor, who has supported us in building our business, is fantastic and unusual. Personal development comes as a bonus and is so valuable, as well as being able to travel and find friends all over the world.


    NeoLife's product philosophy and having our Scientific Advisory Board that guarantees that we have safe, effective, high-quality products behind us is important. It feels safe to be able to offer our customers an opportunity to live more healthily, use organic skin care products and biodegradable home care products – can you have a better product range? We are so grateful for NeoLife.”

  • hall